Simple Marketing Strategies with Marketing Management Consulting

NTK ConsultingDo you know you need help with your marketing department and/or strategies, but you don’t know where to start or what you need? Contact us and we’ll work with you to figure out the solutions that will help get your marketing departments turned from a cost center into a profit center.

Marketing can be confusing. After 15+ years in the industry, the marketing management consultants at NTK Consulting truly understand the frustrations both small and large corporations face as they try to work marketing strategies into their business plan, which doesn’t come naturally to many executives or managers.

Let us help take the mystery out of marketing! By taking the time to get to know your business and understand your immediate needs AND long-term goals, we can help put you on a path to profit and stop you from spinning in circles!

Every customer is different and we look forward to discussing your specific needs when you decide to amp up your marketing efforts with the assistance of true marketing consulting specialists. A list of our most requested services are below, but our skills extend far beyond these examples. Contact us today to see what else we can do to help you!

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Problem: We can scarcely call this marketing group a department!

NTK Solution: Whether you’re in a new hiring phase or you’re adjusting from recent merger and acquisition activities, we can help you with your M&A marketing and integration strategy. We work with your leadership to clearly identify your goals and recommend the exact type of marketing personnel you need on your team to be successful. If you have a “team” in place that needs help, we can perform an audit and make recommendations based upon their strengths and weaknesses. NTK Consulting will ensure you’re left with a team structure that is designed for success, positioned for future business needs and works well with the other departments within your organization.

Problem: We have a marketing department, but it doesn’t seem to be as productive as we hoped.

NTK Solution: Recognizing you have a problem is the first step! Now, let a third party come in and evaluate what exactly is going on through objective eyes. In addition to providing an outside perspective, we can assess your approach, processes, activities and effectiveness. Once we have a clear idea of where you stand, we can form a corrective action plan and put you back on the course to marketing greatness. By taking one quick step backward, you take a giant leap forward by becoming more competitive and more profitable.

Problem: We’ve checked all the boxes, but our marketing efforts still aren’t returning a profit. What are we doing wrong?

NTK Solution: Sometimes, you just need an objective set of eyes to come in and see what’s being done from an unbiased perspective. For example, you may be working very hard keeping your Google® AdWords® campaign current and running properly, but you may be missing opportunities to tweak your keywords that could SAVE you money while INCREASING conversion rates. This is just one example of a return on investment opportunity that could benefit from our consulting services. It’s also common to discover that your department is doing a lot of non-marketing work. If this is the case and you’ve fallen victim to the common marketing “catch all” mentality, we can help you seek and destroy these miscellaneous efforts or help you quantify them to show your leadership why costs are rising, but profits are not.

Problem: We don’t have a big Sales team, so all of the customer and lead tracking falls on our marketing team. We’ve heard a lot about CRM tools, but how do you choose the right one?

NTK Solution: Great question! Almost every company can benefit from the proper Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Even if you have a very active, very effective sales team – a great CRM will help keep Sales, Marketing and Operations on the same page. If you don’t have one, it’s important to look for a few critical factors, such as how the workflow mirrors your current processes. For example, if you choose a tool that disrupts work for all parties involved, it’s likely going to be more of a hindrance than a help. Once you think you’ve found the right tool, it’s also important to ensure you have sufficient support for training and implementation. Saving money on an out-of-the-box solution won’t help you if no one can figure out how to use it! At NTK, we’ve worked with dozens of CRM tools over the years and helped companies adopt them for the first time, replace outdates systems or optimize the systems they have in place. Reach out to our experts today so we can help you begin enjoying the advantages of an effective CRM.

Problem: Budget cuts are coming around and we really need to prove the value add of our marketing efforts. How do we translate the results we’re observing into actual numbers for our leadership?

NTK Solution: Accurately representing your marketing efforts’ return on investment (ROI) is by far one of the most challenging tasks in our field! Although a single, one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t’ exist, many customizable options do! The tricky part is deciding which strategy best fits your specific situation. For example, if you have an excellent partnership with your sales team, you may benefit most from adding a CRM tool to your marketing mix. By capturing customer input and tracking leads from first contact to signed contract, you can easily assign dollar amounts to your marketing efforts and the sales they returned. You can also apply the Pareto principle to your analysis efforts, in which you follow an 80/20 rule where 80 percent of your effects come from 20 percent of the causes. The challenge here is determining which 80 percent of your marketing program is the most profitable, eliminate the 20 percent that is not productive so you can work faster and smarter – but not harder. Our experts at NTK can help analyze your current ROI efforts and recommend the best methods for your specific situation. We can also help you translate these figures into materials that enhance your credibility with your executives.

Problem: We’re about to acquire a new company for the first time. Shouldn’t we be preparing a public statement or two?

NTK Solution: Yes! You should be planning the messaging surrounding your acquisition in conjunction with ironing out the acquisition details. You should always have a finger on the news pulse around the topic and ensure you have a handful of holding statements ready to go if information is leaked. But that’s just the beginning! Any acquisition has multiple layers of stakeholders and related collateral, and you’ll need to prepare yourself for each one of them. A few examples include public and media relations, events, press conferences, signage, employee communications, etc. Remember, acquisitions are usually emotionally charged times, especially for the acquired employees. NTK Consulting can help you prepare for any resistance and respond to it appropriately if it occurs.

Problem: We’ve just acquired a new company, which is well-known in our industry. Do we rebrand them with our logo or keep their name recognition? Do we have some time to transition?

NTK Solution: Acquisitions can be complicated and emotionally charged times at any company. Whenever you decide that the acquired company needs to adopt your brand and all its affiliated styleguide parameters, you are asking them to lose their previous identity, which may have been part of their working identity for years and the employees actually feel a loss and feel lost themselves! This is perhaps the most vital time to bring in a third-party consultant who is neither “us” nor “them” in the equation. In almost every case, it’s ideal to have the acquired company adopt their new corporate culture – including branding – but this will likely sound better from an unbiased observer, such as NTK Consulting.