Customer Testimonials

Mark, President & CEO, Boston, MA

Nicole is gifted to say the least. Our company hired her to run a few workshops at a leadership retreat for our upper management. She is very professional and such an impressive speaker. She was the most well received speaker we had at the event. So much so, the company is considering hiring her to coach individual executives. I highly recommend her services.

Margo, HR Director, Los Angeles, CA

I have to admit, I really didn’t know anything about intuition or even that you could learn to develop it. My company is trying a new leadership initiative with our executives. I was referred to Nicole to try something new. I am very happy with the service she provides. She knows so much about business and our executives can really relate to her. She is such a nice person and from what I’ve heard, really making a difference in their lives.

William, VP Business Development, NYC

I hired Nicole as a Management Consultant to help fix some of the issues in our Marketing group and unexpectedly ended up using her coaching services as well. There is nothing like being 50 years old, thinking you know everything, and having someone come into your life and change your perspective. I’ve never been one for coaching, I can handle most things on my own. But opening myself up to something different has made some big improvements to my working life. Working with Nicole has been great on all fronts.


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