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 B2B marketing management consultingNTK Consulting, LLC is a B2B Marketing Management Consulting Firm, which strives for simplicity above all else. With more than 15 years of directly related experience, our team knows the challenges affiliated with successfully incorporating solid marketing strategy into your company’s business plan and corporate culture. Having been on both the consultant side and the client side, our team is committed to ensuring a streamlined, simple – yet strategic – consulting experience and an end result that exceeds your expectations.

Our clients vary from small start-ups to large global enterprises. We specialize in working with manufacturers and product testing and certification companies, and contributed to the success of our partners in a variety of industries, including global product testing, inspection and certification providers, automotive, consumer electronics manufacturers, medical device manufacturers and technology service providers, to name a few.

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With our marketing consulting clients, we frequently build marketing departments from the ground up or audit their existing marketing departments. We advise on how they could capitalize on their strengths and minimize obvious weaknesses. We also spend a great deal of our consulting time getting to know business executives and management, helping them understand the problems keeping them up at night. Working together, we come up with simplified, easy to implement process improvements that move them toward success without getting lost in unnecessary industry jargon or confusing implementation strategies.

Not afraid to get our hands dirty, we can “do” just as much as we can “advise.” One of our key differentiators in the marketing consulting world is our unique balance of strategy support and our “been there ourselves more than once” understanding of what it will take to roll up your sleeves and put your strategy implementation into motion.

We want to be a partner in your marketing success and take the time to get to know your needs and see your solutions through. We handpick our projects to ensure mutual success and hold this personal attention as one of our core values.

All you need to do is start the conversation, and we’ll guide the marketing consulting process and your eventual success from there. That’s the NTK difference. We hope you’ll reach out today and let us take the first step in turning your marketing cost center into a profit center!

Nicole Kimmick – Managing Director and Owner

Nicole Kimmick

Nicole Kimmick – Marketing Management Consultant and Intuitive Business Coach

Committed to helping you solve today’s marketing problem and empowering you to resolve issues on your own in the future, Ms. Kimmick wears two hats at NTK Consulting. She functions as an Intuitive Coach in addition to her primary role as the Managing Director and Founder.

Over the years, Ms. Kimmick has worked in every aspect of marketing and knows the ins and outs of turning marketing strategy into business success from the view inside the brainstorming room, the print shop and the CEO suite. She has worked on traditional campaigns and has seen her share of challenges, which ultimately turned organizations that were producing zero revenue from marketing efforts into well-known brands producing millions of dollars of revenue, which were directly related to her marketing efforts.

Ms. Kimmick spent over 10 years in executive level marketing roles in the product testing and compliance industry. She spends a lot of her time partnering with testing laboratories, helping them define marketing strategies, create sales efficiency, and develop new programs and services to stay relevant in this highly competitive marketplace.

She also works with product manufactures, educating them on how to use compliance and safety certifications as a competitive advantage. Working with sales and marketing departments, she helps them develop unique ways to use product compliance to tell a compelling story and build customer advocacy.

In addition to being the Managing Director of NTK Consulting, helping companies achieve success through improving their marketing process and revenue streams, Ms. Kimmick is also a successful intuitive coach.

After more than 20 years of practicing what she loves to preach, Ms. Kimmick has spent her career developing her natural, intuitive skills and using them to achieve success in life and business. She has learned to unleash her power within and trust that little voice that helps you “read” people, gain a better understanding of business situations and make better decisions. By trusting your gut and learning the proven methods behind using your intuition to guide business practices, you reduce stress and increase success in every aspect of your life.

Ms. Kimmick is an active member of the American Marketing Association, National Association of Woman Business Owners and the American Management Association.